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## Early adopters are banking the time saving the Repair Photos function of  We-Estimate App enables. Photo’s into Quote Plus, PPG & Auto-Quote in minutes.

Industry early adopters have installed & are enjoying the time saving of the We-Estimate Repair Photos Integration. The feedback has been very positive, Brent Mackay A1 Autofinish (Auckland) has the following to say;

*” For a long time now to get our repair photos from the workshop we have been using SD cards for each job & each trades person has a camera. At the end of the job the photos from the SD card are down loaded to that job, but, have found that we have had the odd corrupt SD card & also corrupt photos that have cost us money by not being able to prove that we have done the work.

So, with this in mind I decided to try something better & have been running the We-Estimate Photo App Service for just over two months now. I have found that it is definitely saving us admin time with the photos loading straight to the jobs in AutoQuote & we have not lost a single photo. Bloody awesome!

My panelbeater takes the photos with his smartphone/tablet, sends them via the internet or 3G & in 15 or so minute’s they are in the quote – automatically – for the office to review if need be.

By using the We-Estimate App we are getting the photos loaded into the quote virtually as the work is being done!

I am just about to invest in more IPods/Phones so that each member of my staff on the floor has their own unit & I will completely do away with the SD cards for good!”*

Thanks to all the shops who have contacted us and are now up and running with our photo service, saving themselves time and giving peace of mind with their repair photos.

You can be up & running in no time, just email info@worldwidetech.com.au for more information.

[Contact 03 90175911]

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