We-Integrate Applications

We-Integrate Applications

We-Integrate software applications provides numerous industries with an affordable, simple and appropriate software solutions. We Capture and workstation being one of the most widely used applications in the repair industries. We-Capture Custom and Workstation being a second added value application used in Towing, Cleaning, Roadworthy and Rental industries.

Photos are used in various industries and varied applications, what We-Integrate provides is a simple and effective way to get the photographs from your device to a location or more of your choosing with a totally recoverable backup solution provided by Amazon. Sure you can take photographs with a camera, however currently getting them off the camera and onto the storage area of you choosing requires some work. We-Capture require noting other than you pressing a button to take the photo and then another to send the photo to the location of your choosing. Thats it, 3,4,5 or 6 camera steps are replaced by one device, one system. Plenty of other features make this an unmissable application.

We’ve come a long way. Things aren’t the way they used to be in industry.
We-Integrate | Software integration and remote estimating to improve efficiency at all stages of the workflow.

Applications for any industry which requires photos to be taken for any reason.

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