We’ve come a long way since Floppy discs and SD cards – even emailing photos seems like old school!!

Photos back in your system within seconds

Photos arrive back in your system and create their own folder by whatever reference you choose OR just view them on the webserver.

Photos automatically sized and oriented

Use the app to quickly capture and send numerous images all sized and orientated automatically.

Customise your app

Create your own reference fields inside the app which make sense to your business and your team.

Unlimited users, Unlimited photos, one account

Download the app free on as many devices and take as many photos as you like.

Simultaneously email photos to customers

Some customers want also want the photos! Email them links to the photos at the same time as you’re sending to yourself – no double handling.

Easily add notes about photos, in the app

Use the notes feature to add messages about the photos taken. These notes are sent to your email, your webserver page and can also be loaded into your system.

Scan function

Scan documents as a PDF and send to your webserver page, email and system.

Using Barcodes?

Scan your barcode with app to reference your photos.

Never lose that essential photo again

Photos are backed up in the app History, and you receive email notification of every batch of photos taken, so you can immediately check photos being taken by your team. Photos are also backed up on our Web Server.

View photos from anywhere – even overseas!

Through your unique username and password, access yours and your team’s photos via our webserver and know what’s been taken, as it’s been taken!

Easy to set-up

Call and we’ll remotely set you up for a trial. Allow approximately 30 minutes for installation and training.

Time and Date Stamped

Saved images are time and date stamped, accurate to the time they taken on the device and shown in your system and the webserver.

Ask us about Integrations

Want your photos going directly onto jobs or reports? We’ve already built a number of integrations with existing systems. Ask us…

FREE Trial

We offer a no obligation free trial. Any set-up or registration fee only charged if you go ahead.

Expert support 24/7

Unlimited 24/7 email support from our team of friendly experts.
Freephone Australia 03 9017 5911
and New Zealand 0800 796 036

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