We-Capture App

We-Capture App

We Capture is a revolutionary application for the Vehicle Repair Industry which transforms the way you take photographs and work with images in Quoting Systems, Roadworthiness Archival Systems, Assessing Packages and more.

If you are required to take photographs on a daily basis and are to attach, archive and distribute these photographs, the We-Capture system can greatly improve your workflow and reduce the time consuming chore of these tasks.

You no longer need cameras, Sd Cards, Card Readers and cables to upload photos to your computer. You may use your phone device, whichever it may be, iPods and iPads (WiFi or 3/4G Enabled)

Photos taken on the application can be for a new quote or estimate which is created directly on Quote Plus and AutoQuote Systems, This can be done from any location on your phone as long as you have coverage.

Photos, scans, images and notes are attached to current quotes within the Quoting System and can be updated regularly for work in progress and supplementary photos.

NZ and Australia Support and Assistance

Freephone NZ 0800 796 036 / Freephone Australia 1800 796 036.

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  • Mark Saunders Posted March 23, 2020 9:49 am

    need help logging in ASAP please. Account Rideshare Solutions

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