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Photo management system

Quickly and efficiently capture the numerous images required by the industry’s major work providers.

No time wasted looking for cables, SD Cards, batteries, finding the right camera, or estimate. Click HERE for more information.

Photo editor

Easily view images from your panel system and edit them.

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ORM photo uploader

Quickly transfer as many photos to ORM as you want to, with the click of a button.

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ORM estimate transfer

No need to type estimates twice. Shifter transfers estimates from ORM to Auto-Quote in one easy step

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Remote estimating

Fast, accurate remote estimating service when you need it, saving you time and improving profitability.

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phone 03 9017 5911

Photo management system.

Get photos into your existing panel system automatically.

Desktop panel system
Seamless photo management.

The combination of the app and Importer installed on your desktop provides seamless photo management, with photos taken using the app saved alongside the estimate
in your panel system.

Send photos from the app directly to PartsTrader.

Select from photos you have taken in the app and automatically upload them from the app to PartsTrader.

Mobile app

Never lose that essential photo again.

Download our FREE mobile app on iOS and Android devices, and use it to take photos from anywhere, at any stage of the repair process.

Photos are automatically sized and oriented. You’ll never waste time looking for cables, SD cards, batteries, or finding the right camera ever again.

Bringing the best of new software technology to existing panel beating software systems like Auto-Quote, Quote Plus PPG Business Manager, Flexi Quote or no system.

It’s integration software that’s simple, smart and easy to use.

Photo management – popular features that will change your life.

Photos automatically sized and oriented.

Use the app to quickly and efficiently capture the numerous images required by the industry’s major work providers.

Unlimited users, one account.

Download the app free on as many devices as you like. The more downloads, the more photos your staff will take.
Just use the same account code.

Easily add notes about photos, in the app.

Use the notes feature to add messages about the photos that are taken, these notes are sent to your email and loaded into your panel system alongside the estimate.

Never lose that essential photo again.

Photos are backed up in the app History, and you receive email notification of every batch of photos taken, so you can easily find them again if needed and see the system is being used.

Photos are also backed up on our Amazon Web Server
for 12 months.

Automatically import images and scans to the job in your system.

The combination of the app and Importer installed on your desktop provides seamless photo management, saving photos and scans taken via the app uploaded alongside the estimate on your panel system.

Monthly licence fee from $85
excl GST per account.

Set up a new job remotely.

With Auto-Quote and Quote Plus you can use the App to set up a new Job remotely, either on, or off site.

Just enter 000 as the reference number and the job is allocated the next consecutive number on your panel system with the photos saved there. Car details are also populated via CarJam NZ from the car registration number entered on the app.

Send photos on the app directly to PartsTrader.

Select from photos you have taken and automatically upload them from the app to PartsTrader.

Easy to install.

Call and we’ll remotely install Importer on your desktop. Allow approximately 20 minutes for installation and training.

Installation costs $85 excl GST.
We’re so confident you’ll love it, installation is only charged when you have trailled the service and want to use it.

Expert support 24/7

Unlimited 24/7 email support from our team of friendly experts. Freephone Australia 0390175911

What customers say.
100’s of panel shops love using We Capture photo management.

Here’s what our customers have to say:

“The best business decision
we made this year.”

Tanya Kelly, Operations Manager | RJ Don

I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for the wonderful new camera system we have operating in our shop. We no longer have to go searching for the camera and spend hours downloading the correct photos to the correct jobs. Also it’s awesome to be able to log into a job and see the progress as our staff have been taking photos as the repair process unravels.

Your level of service has been amazing, and I can clearly see you passion for this product, as you are always updating and listening to what ever we have to say, and making changes and updates continuously.

This has been the best business decision we have made in 2014 and I would strongly recommend any other panel shop to implement this as well. I would be happy to talk to anyone who is considering this system, it is definitely an asset to our business and a huge time saver.

Many Thanks, Tanya Kelly, Operations Manager | RJ Don Panelbeaters.

“One of the most helpful tools, and they’re
working on improvements all the time.”

Tyler Schwalger, Owner | Turners Panel Beating

We trialed the system when it first came out as a quoting tool and found it very useful if our estimator was busy, but it has grown in leaps and bounds in the last year.

We-Estimate has evolved into one of the most helpful tools and they are working on so many more improvements all the time. At Turners Panel Beating we take photos of every stage and end up with so many photos, which was taking a lot of time to sort out per job, this handy tool sorts it all out for you.

My staff can use the App on their own phones, but we also supply a cheap cell phone without the sim card for them to use. A couple of entries like rego, job number, take the photos, check them, send, and it’s all done.

Thanks, Tyler Schwalger, Owner | Turners Panel Beating. Mobile 0272263031

“Its definitely saving us admin time, we haven t lost a single photo,
Bloody awesome!”

Brent McKay, Owner | A1 Autofinish

For a long time now to get our photos from the workshop we have been using SD cards for each job and each trades person has a camera. At the end of the job the photos from the SD card are downloaded to that job but have found that we have had the odd corrupt SD card and also corrupt photos, that have cost us money by not being able to prove that we have done the work. So, with this in mind I decided to try something better and have been running the We-Estimate system for just over 9 months now. I have found that it is definitely saving us admin time with the photo loading straight to the jobs in Auto-Quote and we have not lost a single photo. Bloody awesome!

My panel beater takes the photos, and in seconds they are in the quote for the office to review if need be. By using the system we are getting the photos as the work is being done. I have invested in more iPods/phones so that each member of my staff on the floor has their own device and I have completely done away with SD cards for good!

Brent McKay, Owner | A1 Autofinish.

Remote estimating service. Bring the best estimators to work on your business, using our remote estimating service.

Our Estimators review the video and commentary supplied by you via the We Capture app and complete a full and fair estimate, specific to your shop, of the cost to repair the vehicle to manufacturers standards.
Estimates are completed in the format of your panel beating system; Auto-Quote, Quote Plus, PPG Business Manager, Flexi Quote, Crash Zone, or even if you have no system.

Get the right price for your repair, and save time. Use it all the time, or only during busy periods like holidays.

Remote estimating – popular features that will change your life

Estimates completed in your panel system format.

Our estimators prepare an estimate according
to the work providers’ requirements
in the panel system format of your choice.

The right price for your repair.

A full and fair estimate everytime, as well as a second pair of eyes on the estimate.

Improve workflow with parts listed on PartsTrader.

We list parts on PartsTrader if applicable, and source any repair specifications if required.

Speed up cycle times.

With a dedicated estimator working on estimating you know your estimates will get done quickly and parts listed on PartsTrader if necessary.

Keep tradesmen on the tools.

Keep your best panel beater at work on the floor, speed up your cycle times and reclaim time for other important activities.

Expert support 24/7.

Unlimited 24/7 email support from our team of friendly experts. Freephone Australia 039017 5911.

Find out what our customers are saying about remote estimating.
Watch a video testimonial about remote estimating HERE.

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