We-Integrate Victorian partner solutions provider. Installation and setup of We-Integrate Software products range for all industry. We-Capture is most widely used photographic application which is multi device compatible which stores images in a simple database for retrieval  and archiving purposes. A user simply takes an image on the device and uploads it to the central database storage for admin use. It can be integrated with many current databases and also can be customised for use in many industries such as Panel Repair, Roadworthy Inspectors, Insurance assessors, Rental car companies, Lease companies, Towing Contractors, Home Rental and lease companies, cleaning companies etc. Fully customisable fields on the app allow you to choose what is recorded onto the image at the time of capture and a simple windows application which comes with the system “Workstation” allows images to be pulled from the database instantly by any of these fields which you have chosen to record. A very versatile application for almost everyone.  Contact us for more information and a trial system.