Billing Agreement Schedule

World Wide Technology Group

Billing System, Suspension Policy, Payments Policy

The following is our Payment Policy which you agree to when using our services. We charge in advance for providing services.
We invoice prior to the start of the month and suspensions occur mid month if payments have not been recieved.

World Wide Technology Group “Privacy Policy”


When seen below “WWTECH” means “World Wide Technology Group”

1. With regard to We-Capture Software you are entitled to a 14 day evaluation period at no cost whatsoever for installation, setup, assistance and configuration on your devices be it our end or the end user configurations.

2. A trial period can be extended please ask if more time is required, we will endeavour to assist and reset trial counters.

3. After the trial period the trial user will be asked if they wish to continue use of the software application. If the user wishes not to continue absoloutely no charge will be incurred by the trial user and services will be ceased. Softwares can be removed from the users device in the same way any other apps are removed from devices (Deleted) and software installed on user pc’s or servers can be uninstalled using remove programs. If assistance in removing these is required please ask, WWTECH will assist in guiding users to the relevant areas.

4. We-Capture ongoing fees :- “If Continued” after trial testing periods.

4.1 If trial users wish to continue use an installation / setup account fee will be charged “From the Date of initial Installation” (Current fee = $90 +GST)

4.2 If the trial user wishes to continue use a monthly fee is charged “Starting from Installation Date” pro rata till the end of that month and then monthly ongoing. ( Current Fee = $85 + GST )

4.3 All trial users whether extended testing periods or standard trial period users will be charged “Installation / Setup” and “Ongoing Monthly Fee” Starting from “Installation Date”

5. Free Trial Clarification :-
” Free Trial Period” No cost testing / evaluation period.
Opt out = “No Fee” whatsoever.
Opt In = “Fees charged from installation date”

6 Bulk users (Companies with over 5 locations / 5 account requirements) can contact us for a Bulk account discount. Companies requesting this are still liable for installation and pro rata costs from the initial setup / installation dates.

Billing Terms

Our billing system cycles 7 to 5 days prior to the end of month in preperation for the following month.

Invoices are created at this time for the following month and sent to account holders email address upon creation.
We encourage you to log into your account portal to view your details, invoices, payment details etc.

On the 5th day of the month an overdue reminder email will be sent to the account holders email address requesting payment.

On the 7th day of the month an overdue reminder email will be sent to the account holders email address requesting payment.

On the 14 day of the month an overdue reminder email will be sent to the account holders email requesting payment

On the 16th day of the month a suspension notice will be sent to the account holders email and automated account suspension will occur.

If account is suspended services will not operate and systems will not function.

Account suspension can be avoided by ensuring payment details are correct and / or payments are made appropriately.

If an account is suspended temporarily, accounts can be reactivated immediately by making the required payment. Account activation turnaround is usually minutes.

Customers are able to make payments via credit card (1.75% fee applies) or bank transfer.

Pro Rata Customers:-

Customers who begin a service after the 20th of the month may see the invopice contain the pro rata amount for that month and a full charge for the following month as well as the installation setup fee.

9. Miscellaneous.

9.1  Force Majeure. No party will be liable for any failure or delay in performance of any of its obligations hereunder if such delay is due to acts of God, fires, flood, storm, explosions, earthquakes, general Internet outages, acts of war or terrorism, riots, insurrection or intervention of any government or authority; provided, however, that any such delay or failure will be remedied by such party as soon as reasonably possible. Upon the occurrence of a force majeure event, the party unable to perform will, if and as soon as possible, provide written notice to the other parties indicating that a force majeure event occurred and detailing how such force majeure event