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What's new

Android App IR

Android image resized app for better images


Android App Custom Field

Android App Custom Fields configurable



We-Importer Multi Session Support for central servers with multiple databases



Importer Roadworthy Application with field customisation for Date / Time/ ID Details



Custom Importer with full customisation capabilities for specific user control


Client Comments

Simple, Easy to use, Saves time, doesn't fill the phone with vehicle photos. Great App!

Adrian Vella,


SNS Smash Repairs

170 McIntyre Rd, Sunshine North VIC 3020. Ph:- 03 9311 8888

Adrian VellaDirector

Great way to load photos onto system. Save time and headaches by loading images directly onto the quote and creates new quote headers with photos attached.

David Yoemans,



Drysdale Smash Repairs

10 Murradoc Rd, Drysdale VIC 3222. Ph:- 03 5251 23 22

David YoemansDirector

We stand by the products and services we supply and provide. We only use products we can stand behind with great enthusiasm and inspiration knowing that these products will function at and above expectations. I also beleive our customer will see this in us and the products we endorse.


Anthony Molina, CEO World Wide Technology Group.

Anthony MolinaCEO

Good to use, Easy to use, Saves a heap of time when dealing with images.

Ben Stewart,




Stylemaster Panels

83/85 Murphy St, Richmond VIC 3121, Ph:- 03 9428 8711

Ben StewartManager

This has been the best business decision we have made in 2014 and I would strongly recommend any other panel shop to implement this as well. I would be happy to talk to anyone who is considering this system, it is definitely an asset to our business and a huge time saver.

Tanya Kelly,


RJ Don Panelbeaters.

124 Wairau Road Glenfield, North Shore. Ph: - 09 4449292

Tanya Kelly Operations Manager

Awesome! Best thing ever! Makes life easier to transfer image files and scanned documents to central location without issue.

Fadi El-Chahal,


Alpine Smash Repairs.

2 Beresford Ave, Greenacre, NSW 2190. Ph:- 02 9707 4155


Fadi El-ChahalDirector

We decided to use we-Capture due to the amount of customers claiming damage on their vehicles after service.

Most of the claims were marked on the job card but customer still argued that we could have put this on any time.

We needed a system that could not be questioned.

When we trialed your system we had 2 customers claim we damaged their vehicle but with the date and time stamp on the photo’s they could not argue that the damage was there when they brought the vehicle in.

This has greatly relieved the stress on my front counter staff as now they show the photo’s to the owner or send them directly to the owner so they can see them and we have had no issues since starting to use your system.

Previously we had at least 1 claim of damage every 2-3 months some costing large amounts to fix now we do not have this issue, this has improved the relationship between my staff and the customer due to the openness of the system the trust from the owner is improved.

This issue could at times be costing  thousands of dollars every year now that cost is negligible, my staff have more confidence having the issue documented in a way that is transparent and traceable.

The system is so easy to use and the benefits clearly outweigh the costs of the system.


I would gladly recommend this system for any dealership for every day use.



Russell Kellett



Collins Honda

339-343 Princes HWY

Rockdale NSW 2216

W:  02 9599 4888

F:   02 9599 4380

E:  russell@collinshonda.com.au




Russell Kelletservice manager

Easy to use, Fast uploads, No more carrying cameras around. No more cameras! Save time, less work!

Robert Menitti,



Precise Smash Repairs

719 Sydney Rd, Coburg VIC 3058. Ph:- 03 9354 6533

Robert MenittiDirector

“One of the most helpful tools, and they're working on improvements all the time.”

Tyler Schwalger,




Turners Panel Beating.

147 Target Rd, Glenfield North Shore, Auckland  1310. Ph : - Mobile 0272263031

Tyler SchwalgerOwner

“We-Capture gets my repair photos straight onto the quotes as the work is being done. I’ve invested in more phones so each member of my staff on the floor has their own device and I’ve completely done away with SD cards for good!”

Brent Mackay, 


A1 Autofinish, Fine Finish Panelbeaters, Fine Finish on Rosebank

Brent MackayOwner, A1 Autofinish

The we-capture app has benefited our business immensely. No down time to go back to the office and get the camera and sit there uploading the images vehicle by vehicle. This app lets you instantly put the images you require onto your estimate. Would highly recommend it to anyone.

Mark Ivkovic,



Melville Bodyworks

106 Melville Road, West Brunswick VIC 3055. Ph: - 03 8378 5555

Mark IvkovicManager

The We-Capture app is a very useful, time saving application we use daily and best of all i don't have to worry about losing another photo, ever.

Very user friendly.

Mick Russo,


The Body Repair Shop.

84 Stanbel RD, Salisbury Plain, South Australia 5109

Ph:- (08) 8250 6677

Mick Russo, Director

Mick RussoDirector

For estimators doing a lot of offsite quoting this app is ideal. Speeds up the process by streaming images immediately and creating new quotes back at the office. Fantastic!

Matt Dealy



Acclaim Accident Repairs

338 Dorset Rd, Croydon VIC 3136. Ph:- 03 972 4022

Matt DealyManager


Huch much does We-Capture cost ?

The We-Capture System costs are $90 Installation and setup fee and $90 per month ongoing.  Please fill in the form below to request a free demo and quote. One of our experts will contact you to discuss your requirements.

What do we get for the monthly fee?

The current monthly fee covers full phone and email support. 12 Months Amazon backup of all you images. An account with us which you can view and access all images. Email confirmation of every batch upload which any one of your devices has uploaded. Currently unlimited app installs on devices per site. Free Apple and Android App downloads (unlimited Free). Free download of the Importer Agent. Free use and Unlimited installs of “Workstation” image viewer and Editor and free customisation of App Importer to suit your systems. ( app is customisable with client areas – fields and appearance included)

What are my expenses?

Apart from the monthly fee, None.

I'm concerned about data usage?

The Capture app on your device will take photographs which are currently no larger than 150Kb. Data usage is generally not an issue however if you take a very large number of photos you may want to consider calculations. Please fill in the contact form and one of our experts can discuss this in detail.

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